Omega Slime
Strength 110
Defense 75
Speed 50
Wisdom 80
Other attributes
Drops Seed of Defense (1/45)
Location(s) Unknown

The Omega Slime is a very uncommon enemy only encountered in post-game areas. Unlike most Slimes, Omega Slimes can defend. They appear to be equipped with a metal king sword, liquid metal sword, and a metal King shield.


The Omega Slime is a grey slime with a robotic right eye. It has a metal king shield on its back , with a liquid metal, and metal King sword sheathed in the back. It isn't as gelatinous as a normal slime, and bounces lower.



Decreases damage done to the Omega Slime by 50% for one turn.


Heals a large amount of HP to the Omega Slime.

Slime-Style GigaSlashEdit

Does 75-120 damage to the entire party.

Psyche UpEdit

Raises the Omega Slime's tension level by 1. (Can only be used twice in a row)


Does basic damage to one party member.


  • Defence=75
  • Attack=110
  • Speed=50
  • Wisdom=80

Special StatsEdit

  • Immune to Confusion
  • 50% resistance to Poison

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